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A single-arm feasibility study of community-delivered Baduanjin (Qigong practice of the eight Brocades) training for frail older adults Xiao Liu, Jean Wei Ting Seah, Benedict Wei Jun Pang, Mary Ann Tsao, Falong Gu, Wai Chong Ng, Junie Ying Ru Tay, Tze Pin Ng, Shiou Liang Wee Pilot Feasibility Stud 2020 Jul 21 VIEW
A single session of mindfulness meditation may acutely enhance cognitive performance regardless of meditation experience Rita Sleimen-Malkoun1, Louise Devillers-Réolon1, Jean-Jacques Temprado1 PLoS One 2023 Mar 15 VIEW
A single session of meditation reduces of physiological indices of anger in both experienced and novice meditators. Fennell AB1, Benau EM1, Atchley RA2. Conscious Cogn. 2015 Dec 31 VIEW
A Single Session of an Integrated Yoga Program as a Stress Management Tool for School Employees: Comparison of Daily Practice and Nondaily Practice of a Yoga Therapy Program. Nosaka M1, Okamura H1,2. J Altern Complement Med. 2015 Jun 12 VIEW
A single point acupuncture treatment at large intestine meridian: a randomized controlled trial in acute tonsillitis and pharyngitis. Fleckenstein J, Lill C, Lüdtke R, Gleditsch J, Rasp G, Irnich D. Clin J Pain 2009 Sep VIEW
A single bout of meditation biases cognitive control but not attentional focusing: Evidence from the global-local task. Colzato LS1, van der Wel P2, Sellaro R2, Hommel B2. Conscious Cogn. 2015 Nov 27 VIEW
A simplified 10-step Tai-chi programme to enable people with dementia to improve their motor performance: a feasibility study. Liu JYW1, Kwan RYC1, Lai CK1, Hill KD2 Clin Rehabil. 2018 Jul 1 VIEW
A Simple Psychophysiologic Technique Which Elicits the Hypometabolic Changes of the Relaxation Response OHN F. BEARY BS1, HERBERT BENSON MD1, and HELEN P. KLEMCHUK AB1 Psychosomatic Medicine 1974 VIEW
A Simple Method for Constructing Artificial Promoters Activated in Response to Ultrasound Stimulation. Ogawa R1, Kagiya G2, Watanabe A3, Morii A3,4, Cui ZG5, Kondo T6 Methods Mol Biol. 2017 VIEW
A Simple management method through 'Organ massage inner beauty ' Lee Yeo-Myeong 1//Choi Bong-Gi 2//Ryoo Hee-Chang 2 J Intl Soc Life Info Science 2004 VIEW
A simple guide to chaos and complexity Dean Rickles1, Penelope Hawe, Alan Shiell J Epidemiol Community Health 2007 Nov 1 VIEW
A short-term, comprehensive, yoga-based lifestyle intervention is efficacious in reducing anxiety, improving subjective well-being and personality. Yadav RK, Magan D, Mehta M, Mehta N, Mahapatra SC. In J Yoga 2012 Jul VIEW
A short-term extremely low frequency electromagnetic field exposure increases circulating leukocyte numbers and affects HPA-axis signaling in mice. de Kleijn S1, Ferwerda G1, Wiese M2, Trentelman J3, Cuppen J4, Kozicz T5, de Jager L2, Hermans PW1, Verburg-van Kemenade BM3 Bioelectromagnetics. 2016 Aug 24 VIEW
A short review on the influence of magnetic fields on neurological diseases Richard H W Funk1, Manfred Fähnle2 Front Biosci (Schol Ed) 2021 Dec 3 VIEW
A short Mindfulness retreat can improve biological markers of stress and inflammation Concetta Gardi1, Teresa Fazia2, Blerta Stringa3, Fabio Giommi4 Psychoneuroendocrinology 2021 Nov 6 VIEW
A Short Guide to Peer-Reviewed, MEDLINE-Indexed Complementary and Alternative Medicine Journals. Morgan S, Littman L, Palmer C, Singh G, Lariccia PJ. Holist Nurs Pract. 2012 May VIEW
A sham-controlled trial of acupuncture as an adjunct in migraine prophylaxis. Foroughipour M, Golchian AR, Kalhor M, Akhlaghi S, Farzadfard MT, Azizi H. Acupunct Med. 2013 Nov 1 VIEW
A sense of control, health, and illness: exploring the mind-body relationship and the socio-cultural/spiritual context: reflections on Bali Shapiro DH Jr Int J Psychosom 1990 VIEW
A self-referential default brain state: patterns of coherence, power, and eLORETA sources during eyes-closed rest and Transcendental Meditation practice. Travis F, Haaga DA, Hagelin J, Tanner M, Arenander A, Nidich S, Gaylord-King C, Grosswald S, Rainforth M, Schneider RH. Cogn Process 2009 Oct 28 VIEW
A selective review of dharana and dhyana in healthy participants. Telles S1, Singh N2, Gupta RK2, Balkrishna A2 J Ayurveda Integr Med. 2016 Nov 23 VIEW
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