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Title Author Journal Date
A Randomized Controlled Trial of Tai Chi Chih or Health Education for Geriatric Depression Helen Lavretsky1, Michaela M Milillo2, Lisa Kilpatrick2, Adrienne Grzenda2, Pauline Wu2, Sarah A Nguyen2, Linda M Ercoli2, Prabha Siddarth2 Am J Geriatr Psychiatry 2021 Jul 30 VIEW
Applying Heart Rate Variability to Monitor Health and Performance in Tactical Personnel: A Narrative Review Mark D Stephenson1, Andrew G Thompson1, Justin J Merrigan1, Jason D Stone1, Joshua A Hagen1 Int J Environ Res Public Health 2021 Jul 31 VIEW
Heart Rate Variability and Circulating Inflammatory Markers in Midlife Nicholas V Alen1, Anna M Parenteau1, Richard P Sloan2, Camelia E Hostinar1 Brain Behav Immun Health 2021 Aug 1 VIEW
Exercise in Aging: Be Balanced Joanna Gronek1, Michał Boraczyński2, Piotr Gronek1, Dariusz Wieliński3, Jacek Tarnas4, Sławomir Marszałek5,6, Yi-Yuan Tang7 Aging Dis 2021 Aug 1 VIEW
The Relationship Between Yoga and Spirituality: A Systematic Review of Empirical Research Barbara Csala1,2, Constanze Maria Springinsfeld3, Ferenc Köteles2 Front Psychol 2021 Aug 2 VIEW
Application of Tai Chi in stage Ⅱ cardiac rehabilitation after acute myocardial infarction: A series of case reports Liuying Li1, Gang Zheng2, Fengya Zhu3, Deya Che1 Asian J Surg 2021 Aug 3 VIEW
Effects of Cell Phone Use on Caregiver Supervision and Child Injury Risk McKenna Cosottile1, Amy Damashek1 J Pediatr Psychol 2021 Aug 3 VIEW
Biomarkers Obtained by Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Neurodevelopmental Disorders Ali Jannati1, Mary A Ryan, Harper L Kaye, Melissa Tsuboyama, Alexander Rotenberg J Clin Neurophysiol 2021 Aug 3 VIEW
The Effect of Mindfulness-based Programs on Cognitive Function in Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis Tim Whitfield1, Thorsten Barnhofer#2, Rebecca Acabchuk#3, Avi Cohen4, Michael Lee4, Marco Schlosser4,5, Eider M Arenaza-Urquijo6, Adriana Böttcher7, Willoughby Britton8, Nina Coll-Padros9, Fabienne Collette10, Gaël Chételat11, Sophie Dautricourt11, Harriet Demnitz-King4, Travis Dumais12, Olga Klimecki5, Dix Meiberth13, Inès Moulinet11, Theresa Müller13, Elizabeth Parsons4, Lauren Sager12, Lena Sannemann13, Jodi Scharf12, Ann-Katrin Schild13, Edelweiss Touron11, Miranka Wirth7, Zuzana Walker4,14, Ethan Moitra8, Antoine Lutz15, Sara W Lazar16, David Vago17, Natalie L Marchant4 Neuropsychol Rev 2021 Aug 4 VIEW
Psychological Effects of Whole-Body Vibration Training in Frail Older Adults: An Open, Randomized Control Trial Daniel Wadsworth, Janet Turnbull, Sally Lark J Aging Phys Act 2021 Aug 4 VIEW
Effect of Tai Chi on Cognitive Function among Older Adults with Cognitive Impairment: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Renjun Gu1, Yujia Gao2, Chunbing Zhang3, Xiaojuan Liu4, Zhiguang Sun1 Evid Based Complement Alternat Med 2021 Aug 5 VIEW
The negative association between trait mindfulness and post-traumatic stress disorder: A 4.5-year prospective cohort study Lionel Gibert1,2,3, Wissam El Hage2,4, Charles Verdonk1, Bernard Levy2, Bruno Falissard2, Marion Trousselard1 Brain Behav 2021 Aug 6 VIEW
Home-based transcutaneous electrical acupoint stimulation for hypertension: a randomized controlled pilot trial Jian-Feng Tu#1, Li-Qiong Wang#2,3, Jun-Hong Liu4, You-Sheng Qi4, Zhong-Xue Tian2,3, Yu Wang2,3, Jing-Wen Yang2,3, Guang-Xia Shi2,3, Si-Bo Kang2,3, Cun-Zhi Liu5 Hypertens Res 2021 Aug 6 VIEW
Assessment of the effects of Liuzijue Qigong on the lung function of COVID-19 patients during disease recovery: A protocol for systematic review and meta-analysis Jilin Wang1, Yanru Cui2, Shuang Liu1, Jiangxue Zhou1, Yingxia Sun1 Medicine (Baltimore) 2021 Aug 6 VIEW
Relaxation Techniques in Low Back Pain Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial Semira Manolaki1, Ioannis Gkiatas2, Spyridon Sioutis3, Jimmy Georgoulis3, Andreas F Mavrogenis4, George S Sapkas4, Evangelos Alexopoulos1, Christine Darviri1 J Long Term Eff Med Implants 2021 Aug 9 VIEW
Effects of long-term fasting and confinement on the cardiovascular activity Yang Liu1, Qince Li1,2, Kuanquan Wang3, Runnan He1, Zhongquan Dai4, Hongyu Zhang4, Chengyu Liu5, Qianying Ma6, Yongfeng Yuan1, Chengjia Yang4, Yinghui Li4, Henggui Zhang7,8,9 Med Biol Eng Comput 2021 Aug 9 VIEW
Fracture Nonunions and Delayed Unions Treated With Low-Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound Therapy: A Clinical Series Kavyansh Bhan1, Ronak Patel1, Kamrul Hasan1, Mahesh Pimplé1, Sucheta Sharma2, Varsha Nandwana3, Mhafrin Basta4 Cureus 2021 Aug 10 VIEW
Effect of slow, deep breathing on visceral pain perception and its underlying psychophysiological mechanisms Ali Gholamrezaei1,2,3, Ilse Van Diest2, Qasim Aziz4, Ans Pauwels5, Jan Tack5, Johan W S Vlaeyen2,6, Lukas Van Oudenhove1 Neurogastroenterol Motil 2021 Aug 11 VIEW
Effect of Reiki Therapy on Quality of Life and Fatigue Levels of Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy Seda Karaman1, Mehtap Tan Cancer Nurs 2021 Aug 11 VIEW
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