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<i>He Who Seeks Finds</i> (Bodily Signals): German Validation of the Interoceptive Attention Scale (IATS) and its Relationship with Subclinical Psychopathology Markus R Tünte1,2, Tara M Petzke3, Sebastian Brand3, Jennifer Murphy4, Michael Witthöft3, Stefanie Hoehl1, Mathias Weymar5,6, Carlos Ventura-Bort5 J Pers Assess 2024 Mar 13 VIEW
Positive and Negative Effects of Administering a Magnetic Field to Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) Jolanta Zwolińska1, Marta Kasprzak2, Aleksandra Kielar2, Michał Prokop2 J Clin Med 2024 Mar 12 VIEW
Effects of dietary intervention on human diseases: molecular mechanisms and therapeutic potential Yu-Ling Xiao#1,2, Yue Gong#1,2, Ying-Jia Qi#1,2, Zhi-Ming Shao1,2, Yi-Zhou Jiang3,4 Signal Transduct Target Ther 2024 Mar 11 VIEW
Alternative Treatments to Pharmacological Therapy in Pediatric Populations With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): A Scoping Review Lexie Leon1, Tram Tran1, Meera Navadia1, Janavi Patel1, Annelies Vanderveen1, Maria I Cruz1, Thuy-Mai Le1, Freda B Assuah2, Victoria Prager1, Darshil Patel1, Joshua M Costin3 Cureus 2024 Mar 8 VIEW
The effects of Tai Chi exercise on sleep quality among the elderly: a study based on polysomnographic monitoring Chao Wang1,2, Tao Jiang3, Hansen Li1, Guikang Cao4, Guodong Zhang1,5 Front Neurol 2024 Mar 8 VIEW
Transcutaneous auricular vagus nerve stimulation with task-oriented training improves upper extremity function in patients with subacute stroke: a randomized clinical trial Meng-Huan Wang#1,2, Yi-Xiu Wang#1,2, Min Xie3, Li-Yan Chen1,2, Meng-Fei He1,2, Feng Lin2,3, Zhong-Li Jiang2,3 Front Neurosci 2024 Mar 8 VIEW
Effect of exercise based interventions on sleep and circadian rhythm in cancer survivors-a systematic review and meta-analysis Rachita Gururaj1, Stephen Rajan Samuel2,3, K Vijaya Kumar2, Ravishankar Nagaraja4, Justin W L Keogh2,5,6 PeerJ 2024 Mar 8 VIEW
Enhancing Tai Chi Training System: Towards Group-Based and Hyper-Realistic Training Experiences Feng Tian, Shuting Ni, Xiaoyue Zhang, Fei Chen, Qiaolian Zhu, Chunyi Xu, Yuzhi Li IEEE Trans Vis Comput Graph 2024 Mar 8 VIEW
Effect of 24-form simplified Tai Chi on executive inhibitory control of college students: a randomized controlled trial of EEG Min Wang1, Bei Lyu2 Front Psychol 2024 Mar 7 VIEW
Motor Dysfunctions in Fibromyalgia Patients: The Importance of Breathing Bruno Bordoni1, Allan R Escher2 Open Access Rheumatol 2024 Mar 7 VIEW
Implementation of a Clinic-Based Yoga Program for Chronic Pain Sara Hall1, Lauren R O'Keefe2, Madisen K Janssen3, Amanda A Herrmann4, Leah R Hanson4 Pain Manag Nurs 2024 Mar 7 VIEW
Effectiveness of Yijinjing exercise in the treatment of early-stage knee osteoarthritis: a randomized controlled trial protocol Guangxin Guo1,2, Yihang Wang2, Xiruo Xu2, Kaiqiu Lu2, Xuanying Zhu3, Yijia Gu4, Guangpu Yang5, Fei Yao1,2,6, Min Fang7,6 BMJ Open 2024 Mar 7 VIEW
Comparative Efficacy of Mind-Body Exercise for Treating Chronic Non-Specific Neck Pain: A Systematic Review and Network Meta-Analysis Qian Gao1, Xinmin Li2, Mengyang Pan1, Jing Wang1, Fangjie Yang1, Pengxue Guo1, Zhenfei Duan1, Chunlin Ren1, Yasu Zhang3 Curr Pain Headache Rep 2024 Mar 7 VIEW
On the relationship between mind perception and social support of chatbots Inju Lee1, Sowon Hahn1 Front Psychol 2024 Mar 6 VIEW
The police hunch: the Bayesian brain, active inference, and the free energy principle in action Gareth Stubbs1, Karl Friston2 Front Psychol 2024 Mar 6 VIEW
Acute effects of different Tai Chi practice protocols on cardiac autonomic modulation Dejian Duan1, Dong Wang2, Haojie Li3, Wenbo Li4, Dong Wu5 Sci Rep 2024 Mar 6 VIEW
Meditation Experience is Associated with Increased Structural Integrity of the Pineal Gland and greater total Grey Matter maintenance Emanuele Rg Plini, Michael C Melnychuk, Paul M Dockree medRxiv 2024 Mar 5 VIEW
Cognitively enhanced tai chi improved cognition vs. tai chi or stretching at 24 wk in older adults with MCI or memory concerns Kouta Ito1 Ann Intern Med 2024 Mar 5 VIEW
Pain and the Non-Pharmacological Management of Pain in People with Parkinson&#x27;s Disease Natalie Elizabeth Allen1, Oksana Romaliiska2, Jenni Naisby3 J Parkinsons Dis 2024 Mar 4 VIEW
Electromagnetic fields regulate iron metabolism in living organisms: A review of effects and mechanism Chenxiao Zhen1, Gejing Zhang1, Shenghang Wang2, Jianping Wang1, Peng Shang3 Prog Biophys Mol Biol 2024 Mar 4 VIEW
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