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Lower Cardiac Vagal Activity Predicts Self-Reported Difficulties With Emotion Regulation in Adolescents With ADHD. Kvadsheim E1, Fasmer OB2, Osnes B1, Koenig J3,4, Adolfsdottir S1,5, Eichele H1, Plessen KJ6,7, Sørensen L1 Front Psychiatry. 2020 Apr 17 VIEW
The Impact of Yoga on Fatigue in Cancer Survivorship: A Meta-Analysis. Armer JS1,2, Lutgendorf SK1,2,3,4 JNCI Cancer Spectr. 2019 Dec 17 VIEW
The Benefits of <i>T'ai Chi</i> for Older Adults with Chronic Back Pain: A Qualitative Study. Lee TL1, Sherman KJ2,3, Hawkes RJ2, Phelan EA4, Turner JA5,6 J Altern Complement Med. 2020 May 5 VIEW
Music Therapy in the Psychosocial Treatment of Adult Cancer Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Köhler F1,2, Martin ZS2, Hertrampf RS3, Gäbel C1,2, Kessler J4, Ditzen B1,2, Warth M1,2 Front Psychol. 2020 Apr 16 VIEW
Correlated slow fluctuations in respiration, EEG, and BOLD fMRI. Yuan H1, Zotev V, Phillips R, Bodurka J Neuroimage. 2013 Oct 1 VIEW
Heart rate variability and autonomic activity at rest and during exercise in various physiological conditions. Perini R1, Veicsteinas A Eur J Appl Physiol. 2003 Oct VIEW
Effect of Tai Chi Chuan in Breast Cancer Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Luo XC1, Liu J2, Fu J3, Yin HY1, Shen L1, Liu ML4, Lan L1,5, Ying J6, Qiao XL6, Tang CZ7, Tang Y1,3,5 Front Oncol. 2020 Apr 23 VIEW
The Effect of Qigong Wuqinxi for Osteopenia and Primary Osteoporosis: A Protocol for Systematic Review and Meta Analysis Min Liu 1, Dongying Liu, Peipei Hong, Xianliang Qiu, Qiu Chen Medicine (Baltimore) 2020 May 22 VIEW
A Meta-Analysis of Heart Rate Variability and Neuroimaging Studies: Implications for Heart Rate Variability as a Marker of Stress and Health Julian F Thayer 1, Fredrik Ahs, Mats Fredrikson, John J Sollers 3rd, Tor D Wager Neurosci Biobehav Rev. 2012 Feb VIEW
Exercise, Brain Plasticity, and Depression Jin-Lei Zhao, Wan-Ting Jiang, Xing Wang, Zhi-Dong Cai, Zu-Hong Liu, Guo-Rong Liu CNS neuroscience 2020 Jun 3 VIEW
Adapting to Stress: Understanding the Neurobiology of Resilience Carlos Osório, Thomas Probert, Edgar Jones, Allan H Young, Ian Robbins Behavioral medicine (Washington, D.C.) 2017 Oct-Dec VIEW
Hypothesis: Pulmonary Afferent Activity Patterns During Slow, Deep Breathing Contribute to the Neural Induction of Physiological Relaxation Donald J Noble, Shawn Hochman Front Physiol 2019 Sep 13 VIEW
The Brain's Resonance With Breathing-Decelerated Breathing Synchronizes Heart Rate and Slow Cortical Potentials Thilo Hinterberger, Nike Walter, Christopher Doliwa, Thomas Loew Journal of breath research 2019 Jun 27 VIEW
Mindful Medical Practice: An Innovative Core Course to Prepare Medical Students for Clerkship Tom A Hutchinson, Stephen Liben Perspect Med Educ 2020 Jun 5 VIEW
Acute Physiologic Effects of Performing Yoga in The Heat on Energy Expenditure, Range of Motion, and Inflammatory Biomarkers Bradley S Lambert, Katherine E Miller, Domenica A Delgado, Kalyan Chaliki, Joshua Lee, Guillermo Bauza, Francesca Taraballi, David Dong, Ennio Tasciotti, Joshua D Harris, Patrick C McCulloch Int J Exerc Sci 2020 May 1 VIEW
Tai Chi Exercise for Psychological Well-Being Among Adults With Cardiovascular Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Ruth E Taylor-Piliae, Brooke A Finley Eur J Cardiovasc Nurs. 2020 Jun 9 VIEW
Mindfulness-based Interventions for the Improvement of Well-Being in People With Multiple Sclerosis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Sara Carletto, Cesare Cavalera, Isabel Sadowski, Marco Rovaris, Martina Borghi, Bassam Khoury, Luca Ostacoli, Francesco Pagnini Psychosom Med 2020 Jun 12 VIEW
Methodological Recommendations for a Heartbeat Detection-Based Measure of Interoceptive Sensitivity Ian R Kleckner, Jolie Baumann Wormwood, W Kyle Simmons, Lisa Feldman Barrett, Karen S Quigley Psychophysiology 2015 Nov VIEW
A Multidimensional and Multi-Feature Framework for Cardiac Interoception Sol Fittipaldi, Sofía Abrevaya, Alethia de la Fuente, Guido Orlando Pascariello, Eugenia Hesse, Agustina Birba, Paula Salamone, Malin Hildebrandt, Sofía Alarco Martí, Ricardo Marcos Pautassi, David Huepe, Miquel Martorell Martorell, Adrián Yoris, María Roca, Adolfo M García, Lucas Sedeño, Agustín Ibáñez NeuroImage 2020 July 15 VIEW
Magnetic Fields Modulate Metabolism and Gut Microbiome in Correlation With Pgc-1α Expression: Follow-up to an in Vitro Magnetic Mitohormetic Study Yee Kit Tai, Charmaine Ng, Kristy Purnamawati, Jasmine Lye Yee Yap, Jocelyn Naixin Yin, Craig Wong, Bharati Kadamb Patel, Poh Loong Soong, Pawel Pelczar, Jürg Fröhlich, Christian Beyer, Charlene Hui Hua Fong, Sharanya Ramanan, Marco Casarosa, Carmine Pasquale Cerrato, Zi Ling Foo, Rina Malathi Pannir Selvan, Elina Grishina, Ufuk Degirmenci, Shi Jie Toh, Pete J Richards, Ali Mirsaidi, Karin Wuertz-Kozak, Suet Yen Chong, Stephen J Ferguson, Adriano Aguzzi, Monica Monici, Lei Sun, Chester L Drum, Jiong-Wei Wang, Alfredo Franco-Obregón FASEB J 2020 Jul 6 VIEW
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