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Title Author Journal Date
Ryodoraku Treatment, an objective approach to acupuncture Hyodo M 1990 VIEW
Rogers' theory: research to practice Alligood Martha R Rogerian Nursing Science News 1990 VIEW
Reversing Heart Disease Ornish, Dean 1990 VIEW
Elementary Statistics in a World of Applications Khazanie, R 1990 VIEW
Effect of T'ai Chi on immune system Anonymous Prevention Magazine 1990 VIEW
Treatment of acute or chronic severe, intractable pain and other intractable medical problems associated with unrecognized viral or bacterial infection: Part I. Omura Y Acupunct Electrother Res 1990 VIEW
EEG and Topography during Chinese qigong training Kawano K//Koito H//Fujik T//Shinagawa Y Neurosciences 1990 VIEW
Effect of non-contact therapeutic touch on the healing rate of full thickness dermal wounds Wirth DP Subtle Energies 1990 VIEW
Life energy, using the meridians to unlock the hidden power of your emotions Diamond John 1990 VIEW
A sense of control, health, and illness: exploring the mind-body relationship and the socio-cultural/spiritual context: reflections on Bali Shapiro DH Jr Int J Psychosom 1990 VIEW
Healing through the human energy field Bolstad R New Zealand Nursing Journal 1990 VIEW
Reflex zone therapy for mothers Evans M Nursing Times 1990 VIEW
Quantitative evaluation of muscle relaxation induced by Kundalini yoga with the help of EMG integrator Narayan R//Kamat A//Khanolkar M//Kamat S//// Indian J Physiol Pharmacol 1990 VIEW
Effect of yoga breathing exercises (pranayama) on airway reactivity in subjects with asthma Singh V//Wisniewski A//Britton J//Tattersfield A Lancet 1990 VIEW
Hathayogic exercise jalandharabandha in its effect on cardiovascular response to apnoea Lepicovska V//Dostalek C//Kovarova M Act Nerv Super (Praha) 1990 VIEW
Effect of Kapalabhati on blood urea, creatinine and tyrosine Desai BP//Gharote ML Act Nerv Super (Praha) 1990 VIEW
Relaxation therapy and continuous ambulatory blood pressure in mild hypertension: a controlled study van Montfrans GA//Karemaker JM//Wieling W//Dunning AJ BMJ 1990 VIEW
[The effect of Hatha yoga on poor posture in children and the psychophysiologic condition in adults][Article in Croatian] Savic K//Pfau D//Skoric S//Pfau J//// Med Pregl 1990 VIEW
Changed pattern of regional glucose metabolism during yoga meditative relaxation Herzog H//Lele VR//Kuwert T//Langen KJ//// Neuropsychobiology 1990-91 VIEW
Beta-adrenergic receptor sensitivity in subjects practicing transcendental meditation Mills PJ//Schneider RH//Hill D//Walton KG//// J Psychosom Res 1990 VIEW
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