A proposal for special medicine-great expectations of qigong related to the principle of life.

Author: Obitsu Ryoichi
Obitsu Sankei Hospital, Japan
Conference/Journal: 6th Int Sym on Qigong
Date published: 1996
Other: Pages: 21 , Special Notes: Also in Japanese. , Word Count: 362

Confronted with the limitation of Western medicine, we have been treating cancer patients by taking a holistic since 1982. Modern Western medicine has extensively established its own system of which rapid progress has been remarkable.

Although Western medicine has been based upon physics which used to deal with only visible objects, the main interests of physics are now shifting into “fields” which are invisible. Likewise, the current trend is moving from conventional medicine focusing only on visible organs to “spacial medicine” taking notice of invisible “fields” between the organs.

There are several spaces, such as the electric field and the gravity field, which are invisible but evidently exist. No one would doubt the existence of these fields which consist of some physical quantity. Accordingly, it would be natural to assume that there could be an unknown physical quality inside the body which is related to the principles of life. Among organs and cells a number of spaces could also exist in the body. These spaces should be called “the field of life” which is composed by a certain physical quality.

In existing medicine the three domains which lay stress on this field are as follows: immunology, psychology and Eastern traditional medicine.

Modern Western medicine which has incredibly advanced in this century is now exploring the structure and function of the immune system. Immunology is carefully investigating a true nature of “the field of life” which could be called the natural healing power regulating itself for well-being.

The human mind could be defined as a reflection of “the field of life” expressed through the cerebrum. Psychology, a study of the human mind, can be also said the medicine for the field in this regard.

Eastern traditional medicine has originally viewed the human existence as “the field of life” and aimed to adjust the field for proper functioning. Complemented by solid scientific research in the future, Eastern traditional medicine could fully explain the mechanism of the field.

Lastly, it should be noted here qigong is one Eastern traditional methodology which emphasizes “space” equated with the “field” mentioned above. We should indeed recognize that qigong will play a significant role in this era of special medicine.