[Experience of local radiation therapy and total irradiation of the skin by electron beam in patients with primary B and T-cell lymphomas of the skin].

Author: Il'in NV, Korytova LI, Leenman EE, Vinogradova IuN, Nikolaeva EN, Gracheva AV, Cherviakov AM.
Conference/Journal: Vopr Onkol.
Date published: 2013
Other: Volume ID: 59 , Issue ID: 1 , Pages: 109-13 , Special Notes: [Article in Russian] , Word Count: 121

The problem of the treatment of primary malignant lymphomas of the skin is now becoming increasingly important due to the increase of cases among people of working age and disability of these patients. In most cases lymphomas of the skin have a T-cell origin, the most common of skin lymphoma is mycosis fungoides. It is poorly studied the role of electronic radiation therapy in local and systemic skin lymphomas as well as methodological questions of its application, so research in this field is actual. Therefore the aim of the study is improving of the efficiency of therapy in patients affected by non-Hodgkin's lymphoma with skin lesions by the use of local radiation therapy and total skin irradiation by electron beam.
PMID: 23814836