A 100-channel hermetically sealed implantable device for chronic wireless neurosensing applications.

Author: Ming Yin, Borton DA, Aceros J, Patterson WR, Nurmikko AV.
Conference/Journal: IEEE Trans Biomed Circuits Syst.
Date published: 2013 Apr
Other: Volume ID: 7 , Issue ID: 2 , Pages: 115-28 , Word Count: 192

A 100-channel fully implantable wireless broadband neural recording system was developed. It features 100 parallel broadband (0.1 Hz-7.8 kHz) neural recording channels, a medical grade 200 mAh Li-ion battery recharged inductively at 150 kHz , and data telemetry using 3.2 GHz to 3.8 GHz FSK modulated wireless link for 48 Mbps Manchester encoded data. All active electronics are hermetically sealed in a titanium enclosure with a sapphire window for electromagnetic transparency. A custom, high-density configuration of 100 individual hermetic feedthrough pins enable connection to an intracortical neural recording microelectrode array. A 100 MHz bandwidth custom receiver was built to remotely receive the FSK signal and achieved -77.7 dBm sensitivity with 10(-8) BER at 48 Mbps data rate. ESD testing on all the electronic inputs and outputs has proven that the implantable device satisfies the HBM Class-1B ESD Standard. In addition, the evaluation of the worst-case charge density delivered to the tissue from each I/O pin verifies the patient safety of the device in the event of failure. Finally, the functionality and reliability of the complete device has been tested on-bench and further validated chronically in ongoing freely moving swine and monkey animal trials for more than one year to date.
PMID: 23853294