Double-blind tests of qi transmission from qigong masters to untrained volunteers: (3) analysis of qi emitted fromthe human body

Author: Nomura Harehido
Electrotechnical Laboratory
Conference/Journal: Japanese Mind-Body Science
Date published: 1993
Other: Volume ID: 2 , Issue ID: 1 , Pages: 95-111 , Special Notes: Article in Japanese , Word Count: 109

External-qi measurements are very important for the study of qi. We have already monitored external-qi by measuring the electro-magnetic emissions from the body. Here, we have measured the frequency spectra of the emitted qi by analyzing the signals from the transmitter. Special care has been taken in measuring these signals by using double blind protocols for both the transmitter and receiver subjects. The results showed that qi is quite different from the hypnotic suggestion effect that has been frequently misunderstood as playing a role in this phenomenon.

It is clear that the electro-magnetic signals emitted from the qi-transmitter's qi-state that had been completely hidden under the double blind conditions.