Non-invasive Quick Screening of Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Alzheimer's Disease and Pain and Their Accurate Localization Using X-, Y-axis Laser Line Scanning of the Whole Body & New, Safe and Effective Treatments with the Selective Drug Uptake Enhancement Method

Author: Omura Y
Conference/Journal: Whole Person Health Summit, 2nd Qigong Summit
Date published: 2005
Other: Pages: 58 , Word Count: 118

Since 1984, using the Bi-Digital 0-Ring Test Resonance Phenomenon between 2 identical substances, it has been possible to non-invasively detect most normal and abnormal substances, drugs, bacteria, viruses, and fungi in humans or animals, as well as image the outline of normal and abnormal organs. The screening takes anywhere between 2-6 minutes, using laser beam projection with reference control substances. The accurate localization of the pathological area is performed using X-.V-axis Laser Line Scanning of the whole body. Once the pathological area is accurately localized, the Selective Drug Uptake Enhancement Method (discovered by the author in 1990) is applied to deliver effective medication selectively to the pathological area, while markedly reducing drug uptake to the normal part of the body.