EEG findings during special psychical state (Qi Gong state) by means of compressed spectral array and topographic mapping.

Author: Zhang JZ//Zhao J//He QN
Computer Laboratory, Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine,
Conference/Journal: Comput Biol Med
Date published: 1988
Other: Volume ID: 18 , Issue ID: 6 , Pages: 455-63 , Special Notes: ENGLISH , Word Count: 133

Wallace first reported the changes in EEG during transcendental mediation
[6]. Banquet [1] observed, on the basis of spectral analysis of the EEG, that the mediation state was a unique state of consciousness, and separate from wakefulness, drowsiness or sleep. The Qi Gong of China is not the same as either transcendental mediation or the Yoga Gong. The EEG during Qi Gong state is clearly different from those recorded during the resting state. The changes in the EEG during the Qi Gong have not been reported previously. The EEG alpha activity during the Qi Gong state occurs predominantly in the anterior regions. The peak frequency of EEG alpha rhythm is slower than the resting state. The change of EEG during Qi Gong between anterior and posterior half is negative correlation. These changes are statistically significant.