The impact of Yoga upon young adult cancer survivors.

Author: Park CL, Cho D, Wortmann JH.
University of Connecticut, USA. Electronic address:
Conference/Journal: Complement Ther Clin Pract.
Date published: 2013 May
Other: Volume ID: 19 , Issue ID: 2 , Pages: 77-82 , Special Notes: doi: 10.1016/j.ctcp.2012.12.005 , Word Count: 142

This study explored the use of Yoga by using a cross-sectional analysis of 286 young adult cancer survivors. The aim was to explore yoga practice, reasons for using this therapy; predictors of yoga use and any potential relationship between yoga use and well-being. Ninety one participants (32.82%) reported practicing yoga from their initial diagnosis. Practitioners reported a relatively high intensity (mean: 7.46 h/month) and length (25.88 months) of practice. The most common reasons given for undertaking yoga were to maintain flexibility and promote relaxation. Sociodemographic predictors of yoga use included gender, higher education with increased yoga use generally related to enhanced feelings of well-being. Results suggest that yoga use is more commonly used by cancer survivors with greater resources. Understanding more about the use of yoga by cancer survivors may facilitate the development and promotion of yoga-based interventions.
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PMID: 23561064