Tai chi and qigong for the treatment and prevention of mental disorders.

Author: Abbott R, Lavretsky H.
Southwestern Law School, 3050 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, California.
Conference/Journal: Psychiatr Clin North Am.
Date published: 2013 Mar
Other: Word Count: 102

Tai Chi and Qigong are traditional Chinese exercises that are widely practiced for their health benefits and as martial arts. Evidence suggests that these practices may be effective at treating a range of physical health conditions, and at improving health-related quality of life. There is growing interest in the use of Tai Chi and Qigong to treat mental disorders, because they are noninvasive, exercise-based therapies, and because patients with mental disorders frequently use complementary and alternative medicine. Evidence is promising that these treatments may be effective in reducing depressive symptoms, stress, anxiety, and mood disturbances.
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PMID: 23538081