[The problem of participation of different brain regions in the reactions to the low-intensity magnetic and electromagnetic field exposure].

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Conference/Journal: Radiats Biol Radioecol.
Date published: 2012 Nov-Dec
Other: Volume ID: 52 , Issue ID: 6 , Pages: 608-15 , Special Notes: [Article in Russian] , Word Count: 154

Experimental analysis of the integral and pulsed bioelectric activity of the rabbit's various brain regions shows an ambiguous extent of their participation in the central nervous system reactions to low-intensity magnetic and electromagnetic fields with different parameters and conditions of exposure. This difference is determined not only by the location of brain structures in the head or by the field intensity, but, above all, by its functional state, which is reflected in the background. Artificial changes in the functioning of the original structures (administration of caffeine or adrenaline) altered the extent of their participation in the brain reaction, according to the drug action mechanism. The presence and severity of response depended on the structure and the biological significance of the impact, which is largely determined by the mode and conditions of exposure. Changing these parameters influenced the participation of the brain in its reaction in accordance with the adaptive response of the organism.
PMID: 23516892