Observation of theraputic effect on myopia of teenagers practicing relaxing and quiescent qigong for eyes

Author: Wu Binjiang//Jaio Guorui//Zhang Honglin
Institute of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 1st World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1988
Other: Pages: 96 , Word Count: 287

'The Relaxing and Quiescent qigong for Eyes' designed by our research room has been used to treat 241 pupils with myopia (421 eyes in total) in the Dongzhimen High School,
Beijing, and satisfactory result was obtained.
Before the treatment, all the pupils had had myopic and hyperopic examinations, optometry after mydriasis and fundus examination. Then diagnosis of myopia was given. Furthermore, identification was made between pseudo-myopia and myopia.
The patients were divided at random into two groups the treating group and the control group. The former practised 'Relaxing and Quiescent qigong for Eyes' and the latter did the setting-up exercises of eyes.
Criteria of effect (1) Marked effect Vision improved by three lines; (2) Effectiveness Vision improved more than one line; (3) Unchanged Vision improved less than one line; (4) Failure Vision decreased more than one line.
Results: after 2-month treatment in the treating group the marked effect was 25 % of the total, the effectiveness was 61.8%, the unchanged was 13.1% and failure was 0%. The total effectiveness reached 86.8% and the total effectiveness for true myopia was 82%. In comparing with the control group, there was great difference (P<0.01) . The therapeutic effect of the treating group was apparently higher than that of the control group. There was no marked difference of the therapeutic effect in different age group. Effectiveness was in direct ratio with the duration of practice of qigong. This treatment was not evidently effective for the refraction change of those with simple myopia (<3. 0D).
This qigong exercise is easy to learn with no untoward effect. It is an exercise to adjust the local and the whole body.
Clinical results show that 'The Relaxing and Quiescent Qigong for Eyes' has satisfactory therapeutic effect in treating myopia, but the mechanism of the treatment needs further study.