Miraculous qigong for slimming down

Author: Wang Yan
Conference/Journal: 4th Intl Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1995
Other: Pages: 30-31 , Word Count: 882

At this moment we know thousands of different ways for slimming down. Medicines, tonics, special diets, vibrating machines, operations, liposuctions, the implantation of balloons. There is a reason for the fact that the Weight Watchers give their courses in many countries. None of all these methods prove to be really successful r that you keep off the weight you lost. Except for one: the method of Qi Gong. The qigong does without medicines, operations, extra exercises. You even can keep on eating what you need, but not what you want. It is a natural and healthy way of slimming down and it works very fast and with great success.

You can learn the exercises during one course of about two hours. After that everybody can do them at home. Sitting on a chair you do the breathing- and concentration-exercises during 15 to 30 minutes and that only three times a day. During one week you can lose between 3 to 9 kilos. Depending on how much weight you intend to lose you do the exercises during a certain period of time, for example during one or two months. When you have reached your ideal weight you stop doing the exercises and you can eat again whatever you like. More than half of my clients have kept their ideal weight. If you gain again a few kilos you can reduce by just doing qigong for a week again. Except losing weight you will notice that doing these exercises will increase your energy! Many clients sleep better and people who suffer of high blood-pressure and too much cholesterol regularly tell of a spectacular improvement. People with coronary problems and diabetic patients feel much better. Back and knee-problems disappear and accumulation of water in knees and legs will disappear almost every time.

Wang Yan, the Chinese teacher of Tai Chi Ch'uan and qigong has taught about three thousand people during the last two years; with almost all of them she was successful. Her students come from all over Holland but also from Belgium, Germany, Spain and even from America.

Mr. Elzo Witter, head of a large high-school in Winschoten, Holland, lost 9 kilos in one week and 31 in 2 1/2 months. From a rather fat man he changed into a handsome man. On top of this the trouble which he suffered from his knees and for which he had to consult a specialist regularly vanished. Now his specialist regularly sends patients to Wang Yan. Mrs. Witter lost 5 kilo during one week, in full she lost 14 kilos. The couple is well-known in their home-town, and due to this a few hundred people consulted Wang Yan successfully.

Mrs. Ina Krol from Beilen lost 16 kilos during 4 weeks. Her blood pressure went down from 200/130 to 128/80 and she felt a lot fitter and happier.

Mrs. Carolien van der Vlede from Dlfsen lost 10 kilos in 10 days and 15 kilos in 15 days! In full she lost 27 kilos. Her skin did not wrinkle, on the contrary, it looks smoother and younger. Many years she suffered from pain in her neck. Mrs. Wang Yan transferred energy (qi) once to her. After this the pain was gone for good.

Mr. Jo de Ruyter from Nieuwe Schans suffered from a heart disease fifteen years ago. His physician advised him then to lose weight. Mr. de Ruyter did not know how, he just ate less. He went on a diet and lost a few kilos, but his resistance became less. Due to this he got infected with a virus and had to stay in bed for one year. Because of this experience he did not try another way of losing weight. In February 1994 he learned qigong. The very first week he lost 15 kilos and he felt very comfortable and energetic.

Mr. Lammert Kuiper from Oostwold lost 12 kilos during the first week, 8 kilos during the second and after 2 1/2 months of practicing Qi Gong his weight was 37,5 kilos less. He is very happy with the Qi Gong method.

Mrs. E. Feenstra from Damswoude lost 7 kilos in three days. After doing Qi Gong for one week she lost even 12 kilos!

Lose 3 to 9 kilos a week without any difficulty, without being hungry! Lose weight in a natural and healthy way without your skin getting loose and wrinkled! Stay slim, keep your ideal weight and feel fitter and healthier than before! so far there are about 3000 (100 %) satisfied customers!

This method is based on a very old Chinese qigong technique which among other things was meant for monks who had to go on a long journey. They had to feel fit after walking for about one month with hardly any provisions... So this is also a suitable method when you go on a survival tour or when you keeping a fast! It is a very cheap method, consisting of only three exercises: one to take away the feeling of being hungry, one to transform body fat into nourishment and one to gain energy. Because of its simplicity this qigong is also very suitable for people who are weak but have to lose weight.

In 1994 eleven publications appeared in various magazines: Eemsbode 12-01-94, Telegraaf 25-06-94, Het Gezinsblad 1, Onkruid 01-07-94, Loeks 19-01-94, Natuur uw arts 01-07-94, Huis aan huis 27-01-94, Nieuwsblad van het Noorden 04-08-94, Noord Wester 03-02-94, Gezinsblad Assen 18-08-94, Voorjaarsprogramma 1995, Nieuwe dimensies.