Geo Magnetic Influence on Human Body

Author: Ma James
P. O. Box 2, Kelsey Bay, B.C. V0R1R0, Canada
Conference/Journal: 4th Intl Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1995
Other: Pages: 24-25 , Word Count: 492

The author was in charge of a laboratory, which had one permanent magnet (nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer, or N.M.R.) and one electro magnet (gas chromatograph - mass spectrometer. In 1983, a new superconducting magnet N.M.R. was installed in the same laboratory. This magnet has 58,000 gauss, which is one hundred thousand times stronger than the geomagnetic strength of the earth (0.5 gauss), and there is now way to shield its magnetic flux. Under such working condition, the author's body has gradually developed some changes. During one trip driving to Alaska Highway in Canada, he found the litter ball-shape compass hanging in front of him, never changed its direction, even the car turned 90 degrees. When somebody else sat behind the compass, the same compass became normal again. The author needed two third of his usual sleeping hours, but felt more refreshing in the morning. Before the sun rises, he sometimes can sense the important events of the coming day. Gradually, he found some unusual abilities, like distant hitting, distant diagnosis, distant seeing and distant healing coming from nowhere to him.

In order to find out any relationship between his super-abilities and the strong magnetic field, he went to the magnetic North Pole, Antarctica, the equator, and the latitudes of 35 degrees 16 minutes in both the Northern and the Southern Hemispheres to investigate the difference in geomagnetic influence on human body.

He also visited many special persons with similar super-abilities around the world to observe them carefully looking for any common factors in their daily life. By repeating a super-ability in different conditions by himself, until he can develop a method to block the performance. According to the blocking methods, he can then propose a mechanism to explain the fact, and find the application in our daily life. For example a thin antimagnetic sheet was found capable to block the performance of 'distant seeing'.

In this paper, the author proposed (1 ) the Micro circulatory System to explain why the symmetric slow motion exercises can delay the process of aging, and can help one to recover form chronic dlseases. (2) the equation of 3 cos2(theta) - 1 = 0, where theta = 54°44, to predict the best latitude in the world for the retired people to relax in ocean front. (3) the Planek's Constant* - Zero Magnetic Moment to describe the performance of Mind- over-matter. (4) the right hand grab rule to explain how to avoid the problem of 'Jet Lag' from a long air flight and (5) the use of magnetic repulsion to avoid the headache derived from the wrong magnetic orientation in sleeping on a double bed.

In this paper, no pseudo-scientific term without a definition in physics, such as bio-field, Cosomo Power, Life Force, Vital Energy, and Qi (or Chi in Taiwan, or Ki in Japan, or Ka in Egypt, or Pranna in India, or N'sha-mak' in Hebrew), can be used to explain the phenomena happened on our planet Earth.

*E = h f, where E = energy, h = Planek's constant, and f = frequency