Study on influence of qigong informaton upon organic enzyme

Author: Shen Jiacong//An Lichao
Nanjing University of Science and Technology, 210014 Nanjing China
Conference/Journal: 4th Intl Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1995
Other: Pages: 14-15 , Word Count: 433

Organic metabolic activity can get its normal condition only if when the enzyme is taking part in. In this paper, regulating technique have been applied to make enzyme membrane with glucose oxidized enzyme. Fruitful results about the influences of temperature, solution's pH value on enzyme activity are obtained. These results revel that at certain conditions, the enzyme activity has risen an its adaptability to temperature, pH value improved and the influence of external environmental factors weakened as the qigong information applied. In a sense, these results have major significance to bio-chemical reaction engineering, such as reducing production cost, reducing energy consumption and increasing efficiency. Also, it is of benefit to explain the mechanism of qigong therapeutic effect, accelerating hyperlaia of micro-organism and bacteria, promoting growth of plants. (key words: qigong, enzyme, enzyme activity).

Qigong goes back to ancient times, it has its own peculiar efficiency. As the rapid development of science and technology, the ancient qigong has been getting more and more widely applied in various aspects such as medical treatment, preserving one's health, sports, education, prospecting, military, organism, etc. Acting as a new and developing human body science, more and more people think highly of it. There are many indications that the study and discussion of qigong will lead to significant changes of natural and social science.

Experiments have been identified as the influence of qigong waiqi on the growth and development of animal, plant and micro-organism. Li Da Feng studied the affect of waiqi upon some kinds of bacteria, with the result that qigong Master extends his waiqi with idea of inflict casualty, casualty effect was observed. With the idea of hyperplasia, casualty effect was strengthened. Huan Zhang Xie and his co-workers observed the treatment of beet, Chinese sorghum, millet seeds under the environment that qigong Master extended waiqi, results in the influence of waiqi upon plant growth, among them, beet and bean got higher production. Zu Chi Zhang tested the steeped seeds of rice under the same condition mentioned above, he found that these seeds sprouted earlier and growth more vigorous than others.

We suppose that the influence of qigong waiqi and qigong information upon organisms act on cells within organisms, further influence on the metabolic activity of cells, but metabolic activity of organism can get its normal condition only if when the enzyme is taking part in. Therefore, studying the influence of qigong information on organism enzyme can delineate the mechanism of qigong as it used in the life science, in order to integrate the qigong and modem technology and initiate a wide application in production and economic construction.