Exploration into the treating effect of qigong music

Author: Wang Wantao
Shanghai Musical Institute, Shanghai, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1993
Other: Pages: 155 , Word Count: 299

We will discuss here two models which may be formed in the musical therapy, i. e., the aspects of the general and the characteristic.

In the characteristic musical therapy (CMT), i. e., as referring to a comprehensive musical treatment model, it belongs conceptually to qigong musical synthetic therapy. The extraordinary mental therapy indicates some kinds of species coming from the therapeutic practice of voice in silent chanting, and also words of incantation in chanting with postured hands, and in the practice of therapy by praying with belief.

The essence about this kind of therapy is 'an inner-vision for breath', 'energy for voice', and a 'guidance for consciousness', focusing on the patients with such kinds of versatile information response, or it is so called holographic response embodying physiological and mental aspects.

The characteristic musical therapy can help patients to discover the potential energy, promoting them to self-understanding, and to a more great satisfaction with such treatment they have taken.

Music has such qualities as its physical, physiological, or super-psychological characteristics, i. e., music has both morphological and gymno-type characteristics, and it has also an amorphous of no specific shape ,or formless crypto-type characteristics. In the field of CMT. it is said, we can combine the above two types of music therapy into the rediscovery of the ancient therapeutic theory, and to the present followers, it will deepen this subject and widen the scientific area of medical qigong research and human body research.

In the process of development of modern musical therapy, a peculiar kind of human voice has been found. To humanity, the recognition and command to such kind as to apply in the present day medicine is most crucial to (CMT) the research of musical therapy.

In ancient witch culture, music-making, singing and dancing were able to cure illness.