Theory and methods of the traditional training of the bodily internal functions

Author: Fu Liqin
Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing 100029, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1993
Other: Pages: 149 , Word Count: 396

The traditional training of the bodily internal function is the highest level of the qigong technique, and a rebuilding of human life. The author.based on her long period study, has found that the traditional training of the bodily internal function, by taking the human body as its basis, is a life science. Its theory and method are very simply, just as the Taoism says 'Truth in the universe is always the simplest.' The paper elucidates the origin, theory and method concerning the traditional training of the bodily internal function. The paper points out that its theory covers two aspects:

(1) The whole process is based on reversion of the biochemical change of yin-qi and yang-qi, or is to establish the reverse reaction system of the biochemical change in the human body through qigong exercise. The key point lies in the replacement reaction of the life substances in the cerebrum and reproductive system. (2) The whole process is to reverse the chemical change of yin-qi and yang-qi. It is an easy approach, i. e., without thinking, without doing anything and completely entering an unconscious state, allowing the reverse reaction system of the body plays its role automatically. The Chinese specialists in this field in ancient times believed that eternity was a special feature of life. There is only one route to eternity, i. e., shutting all accesses to outside stimulations. Under an unconscious and non-feeling state the life mechanism of eternity may automatically starts to work.

The paper discusses the four stages in the traditional training of the bodily internal function. The first stage: Purifying consciousness, reducing working, strengthening the reproductive and nervous systems. The second stage: Qi turning from the reproductive substances traveling along the Ren and Du Meridians, realizing the replacement reaction of the cerebral life substances and reproductive substances in the molecular level. The third stage: Qi activity of the five zang-organs, their replacement, and turning to the same primordial qi. The fourth stage: Cessation of pulse beating, breathing and organic life process, but having strong biochemical reaction on the molecular level, big changes taking place in bodily molecules, tissues and organs, then rebuilding of life. It takes about 3 years to complete the whole process, according to the ancient specialists.

It is pointed out by the Canon of Internal Medicine that only those who have completed the whole process are known as true men.