Development and application of a series of qigong feedback tapes

Author: Zhang Guifang//Wang Ximin//Meng Xiangdong//Liu Liyuan//Jiamusi ?
Human Science Laboratory, Jiamusi Medical College & Athletic Physiology Dept, Beijing Physical College, Beijing, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1993
Other: Pages: 142 , Word Count: 392

About 10 kinds of qigong feedback tapes in Chinese, English and Japanese were developed with the Chinese folk music, combined with the western biological feedback technique. Six kinds of tapes are introduced here.

1 . Skin temperature qigong feedback tape: By using a skin temperature feedback equipment together with listening to the skin temperature qigong feedback tape we had trained 50 healthy persons, 31 qigong exercisers and 110 patients. The result indicated that temperature at Laogong (P8) raised by 1-2° C in each group suffering from vegetative nerve functional disturbance, their headache and insomnia were evidently relieved too.

2. Blood pressure qigong feedback tape: Side A and Side B of this recorded qigong set for decrease or increase of blood. 50 cases of hypertension and 70 cases of hypotension were trained with this tape once a day. The result suggested that this method had a diphasic regulatory effect on the cases with hypertension and hypotension (stages I and 11 ) through 1 to 2 courses of treatment.

3. Body-weight loss qigong feedback tape: This tape was made up according to Zhang Yuling's 'three step skills,” such as 'frog skill” and so on. 26 cases of obesity were trained once a day through listening to this tape. The result suggested that the average loss of body weight for each was 5.22 kg in ten days and ketone bodies appeared in the urine of 80% cases with obesity.

4. Strengthening yang qigong feedback tape: Side A and Side B of this tape are skill for strengthening the body resistance (one's will is concentrated on Dantian and the pubic region) and skill for strengthening kidney-yang (one's will is concentrated on the Gate of Life and perineum), respectively. 12 impotence cases were trained once a day. 7 cases of them recovered the erectile function and their HCG levels were raised in three months.

5. Eye qigong exercise feedback tape: 8 sets of eye qigong exercises were made up according to the open-close eye qigong and eye regulatory function. The observations on 458 cases with myopia suggested that the total effective rate was 75.6% and there was a dependent relation between the result and the changes of their rheoencephalogram and orbital skin temperature.

6. Senile qigong health music tape: The brain waves of the senile people who persisted in listening to this tape tended to synchronize and their HR, Bp and BMR were also reduced. This indicates that people who listen to this tape are in the status of low energy assumption.