Moniliasis treated by emitted qi and acupuncture therapy

Author: Chou Chu
Rehabilitation Hospital, Canada
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1993
Other: Pages: 141 , Word Count: 337

Moniliasis is produced by imbalance of thallus in the body due to abuse of antibiotics. The disease may last over 25 years and it is estimated that 20% females contract it. The population is increasing and it is difficult to cure.

Moniliasis are marked by various symptoms. Traditional Chinese medicine holds that it is caused by lower body resistance, abundant pathogenic dampness. Then the treating principle aims at strengthening the spleen, removing dampness, soothing the liver and regulating qi. As a result, the body resistance is improved and pathogenic factors eliminated. Some patients are allergic to herbal medicine. So a comprehensive therapy including the emitted qi and acupuncture is employed to get good results. The report is as follows.

There were 56 female cases, aged from 18-65. The disease course was from 2-25 years. Before consultation, they had been treated by various therapies without satisfactory effect. In the first period, acupuncture was the main approach and qigong the second. In the later period, qigong was adopted as the chief therapy. The following two groups of acupoints were alternately selected with modification. l. Zusanli (St 36) (reinforcing), Zhongwan (Ren 12) (reinforcing ), Shangjuxu (St 37 ) (first reinforcing, then reducing ), Qihai ( Ren 6 ) (reinforcing), Fujie (Sp 16)(reducing), or Zhaohai (K 6)(reinforcing), Xinfeidian (reinforcing), Neiguan (P6) Zhongji (Ren 3)(first reducing, then reinforcing), Sanyinjiao (Pp 6)(first reducing and reinforcing), Shuifen (Ren 9) (reducing), Fengchi G20) (reducing), Yan glingquan (G34)(first reinforcing and reducing).

2. Pishu (B20) (reinforcing), Weishu (B21) (reinforcing), Dachangshu (B25) (first reducing then reinforcing), Feishu (B13)(reinforcing), Shenmen (H7), Shenshu (B23)(reinforcing), Ciliao (B32)(reducing), Jiannao (reinforcing, Ganshu (B18)(first reducing then reinforcing). The emitted qi therapy: The patient was in a lying position, sitting or standing position. Eyes were closed and body relaxed. Qi was emitted to the above points. Criteria of the effect: Care: Disappearance of symptoms, no mold: 32 cases (57.14%); Marked effect: Symptom relieving greatly: 16 cases (28.57% ); Better effect: 5 cases (8.93%); Failure: No change: 3 cases (5.36%).

Because the regulating function is strengthened, the body resistance is improved and pathogenic factors eliminated. That is why the disease is cured or treated.