Clinical report of 75 cases of chronic hepatitis B treated with qigong

Author: Shen Fudao
Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wuhan, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1993
Other: Pages: 134 , Word Count: 243

Since 1989, we have worked out a qigong set to nourish the liver according to the TCM principle 'psychosomatic treatment.' Meanwhile, we selected 139 cases of chronic hepatitis B which were divided into two groups at random according to the revised diagnostic and classified criterion at the National Academic Conference on Virus Hepatitis held in Shanghai in 1990. 75 cases were chosen to the experimental group which were treated by herbs and qigong. The other 64 cases treated only by herbs belonged to the control group. 116 in patients of the two groups were treated for more than 3 months; 23 inpatients for 2-3 months and inpatients with less than two months was not selected to be observed. Each observation index was checked once each month until they left. The experimental group practiced qigong 30 minutes each morning and evening.

The result shows as follows: HBsAg negative rate of the experimental group was 52.6%, that of the control group was 28.8% (P<O.01); HBeAg negative rate of the experimental rate was 73.3%; that of the control group was 49.2% (P<O.01); GPT. A/G recovery rate of experimental group and the recovery condition of the main symptoms were better than those of the control group. It can be deduced that the effect of herbs with qigong to the hepatitis B patients is better than herbal treatment.

At the appraisal meeting held by the Educational Authority, 28th April,1992, all the experts present held identical views that our research had reached the national advanced standard.