Clinical observation on 30 cases of cancer treated by qigong therapy

Author: Wang Ying
No. 2 People's Hospital, Taiyuan 030002, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1993
Other: Pages: 131 , Word Count: 164

We have observed 30 cancer cases treated by qigong for a long period.

The 30 cases were divided into the following groups:
(1)10 cases were examined by exploratory operation (among them 4 cases were undergone radical operation, 6 were not). All were treated by qigong therapy.
(2)10 cases had been treated by radioactive, chemical therapy or supplementary treatment by Chinese herbal medicine and qigong treatment at the same time.
(3)10 cases were not indicated for operation, radioactive and chemical therapy. They were treated by qigong only.

Method: (l)The emitted qi was used (including message water, message prescriptions and long distance qigong treatment). (2) Patients did qigong exercises by themselves.

The result: Surviving over 5 years:13 cases; tumor smaller in size 21 cases; pain relief or disappearance: 25 cases.

Case example: Luo Lin, a female deputy doctor in charge, was examined and diagnosed to contract lung cancer. Then she was performed by a radical operation on August 15,1980. Three months later, she began to do Guo Lin's qigong exercise. From then on metastasis was not seen.