Effect of self-controlling qigong therapy on the immune function of cancer patients

Author: Yu Yi//Zhang Rongmin//Huang Xiuqing//Guo Yanru//Cao Wei
Jinghua Tumor Hospital & China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Beijing, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1993
Other: Pages: 128 , Word Count: 268

The effect of the self-controlling qigong therapy on the cellular immunity in patients with various malignant tumors has been studied. The change of the immunological functions of neutrophils, lymphocytes, and red blood cells before and after the qigong therapy have been examined in 30 cases of malignancy by using five appropriate methods related to cellular immunity. The results are as follows, and A and P represent the value before and after the therapy, respectively.

1. Chemotaxis of neutrophils measured by agar plate method: Chemotactic movement (distance) A=1.75±0.53 mm and P=2.35±0.77 mm (P<O.01).
Chemotactic index: A=2.09±0.55 and P=2.83±0.95(P<O.01).

2. Phagocytosis of neutrophils measured by Indian ink phagocytic test — phagocytic rate:
A=32.5±9.22% and P=51.33±12.24% (P<O.01).

3. Bactericidal function of neutrophils measured by nbt reduction method — nbt positive rate:
A=23.07±6.96% and P=40.23±10.80(P<O.001)

4. Lymphocyte transformation rate
A=54.35±14.94% and P=64.55±10.31% (P<O.01)

5. Yeast complement rosette test: C3b rosette rate of RBC:
A=8.40±4.68% and P=12.41±3. 92% (P<O.001), Rosette rate of immune complex: A=10.95±4.86% and P=6.41±2.78% (P<O.001).

From these results we conclude that (a) the self-controlling therapy might enhance the defensive ability of organisms by stimulating the immunity of neutrophils; (b)the promoted immunity of RBC by the self-controlling therapy may result in accelerated removal of immune complex and hence the hazards from immune complex might be avoided; and (c) the self-controlling therapy can raise the rate of Iymphocyte transformation and hence might elevate the antitumor power of Iymphocytes. On the basis of this conclusion, we consider that the self-
controlling qigong therapy is a good measure for keeping fit and treatment of diseases.