Recuperative function of qigong on hypertensive target impairment

Author: Xu Dinghai//Wang Chongxing
Shanghai Institute of Hypertension, Shanghai 200025, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1993
Other: Pages: 124 , Word Count: 226

Hypertension is a commonly-seen disease of the middle aged and elderly, and a series of target impairment is caused while the disease proceeds and blood pressure rises, so far except for lowering blood pressure by drugs, non-medicament traditional Chinese therapy attracts man's attention especially. This study discovers that the function of the heart, brain and kidney in the aged hypertensive patients are worse than those of the same age without hypertension. It suggests that long term hypertension actually impairs the functions of the heart, brain and kidney. A comprehensive treatment in which qigong plays the main role was adopted at the same time. By a contrast analysis before and after qigong training (one year), and by adopting modern objective indices, we discovered the abnormal rate of isoelectric statistical mapping analysis of EEG reflecting the function of the brain improved remarkably. The total abnormal rate of isoelectric statistical mapping analysis of EEG decreased from 63.3% to 26.7%. The difference is significant. Ejection Fraction (EF) and Mean Velocity of circumferential fibre shortening (MCVF) reflecting cardiac function increased remarkably. Cardiac output increased too, and the total external resistance decreased. Urinary IgM was from 0.268±0.100 to 0.062±0.092. The difference was significant. It suggests qigong training not only stabilizes blood pressure but also retards the degeneration of the heart, brain, and kidney. The study elucidates that qigong is a simple and useful method for recuperation.