Making further advances of the public health care for the aged with Chinese characteristics

Author: Feng Lida
Chinese Immunology Research Center, Beijing, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1993
Other: Pages: 122 , Word Count: 473

To think it necessary to make further advances of the public health care for the aged with Chinese characteristics, I would like to discuss the issue in three aspects. First, according to scientific calculation.the life span of human beings might be 110—120. But social and emotional factors cause human beings to get old or die early. So we should consider carefully the health care of the aged and pay much attention to the most valuable thing—life of human beings since everyone knows life is short. Second, in our country, public health care has a long history. Chinese people have paid attention to keeping fit since ancient times. Therefore, traditional health care has Chinese characteristics. It includes healthy drinks therapy, diet therapy and qi therapy. Healthy drinks therapy With the rising of the living standard., more and more people in China have paid attention to the healthy drinks and the Chinese have the tradition of having hot drinks, which is a distinct method of health care for the aged. Diet therapy: The Chinese have a lot of experience in regard to how to keep fit and cure diseases with food. We make use of different kinds of food such as porridge, cooked rice, thick soups and noodles. Qi therapy: Some think qi is the origin of everything. People's life, birth, death, quality, etc., are all related to qi. The emergence and development of qigong study have relied on the struggle of the Chinese people against diseases and nature, and is a crystallization of collective wisdom of the Chinese people. The recent study shows the emitted qi can damage bacteria and promote their growth, which is concerned by qigong's power and will of the qigong masters. Therefore, we have proved the fact that the immune system is somehow related to the transmission and establishment of information, which was the first help for the further study of the nature of 'two-way adjustment'. Further experiments on viruses and cancer cells indicate that qigong has biological effect and is scientific, objective and can be repeated, which provide a theoretical basis for qigong' s development. Qigong is a science belonging to the future study. With the development of science, people will understand the nature of 'qi” better, which belongs to the science of human body. We have done many medical researches on qigong. We should also do biological and universal researches on qigong. Third, through the above discussion, we may know better about people' s natural life span, reasons for the coming of old age and super old age, and the more important is that we know what to do in health care of the aged with the Chinese characteristics and that we must do our best to help realize the dream that people live to the natural life span.and for the purpose 'health for everyone in 2000”.