A pilot study on the effect of acute tai chi practice on peripheral blood cytokine expression in healthy volunteers.

Author: Li H, Howk C, Geib RW.
Indiana University School of Medicine Terrre Haute.
Conference/Journal: Biomed Sci Instrum.
Date published: 2012
Other: Volume ID: 48 , Pages: 254-9 , Word Count: 94

Tai chi (TC) is a unique form of exercise having both mind and body components – focused mindfulness and physical movement. It is perhaps best known for its ability to prevent falls in elderly people. It is also thought to improve vitality, longevity, mental and physical health. Recent studies have demonstrated its effectiveness as an intervention for chronic diseases associated with the inflammatory process, such as arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. The objective of this study was to explore the modulatory effect of acute TC practice on anti-inflammatory cytokine levels in healthy volunteers.
PMID: 22846291