Comparative study of emitted qi and physical-chemical factors on the protoplasmic mutagenesis of micromonospora echinospord

Author: Liu Zirong 1//Ren Tao 1//Ren Jianping 2//Zhang Zhixiang 2
Dept Microorganism, Shandong University, China [1] //Yuan Study Research Institute, E. Zhou, Hubei Province, China [2]
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1993
Other: Pages: 97 , Word Count: 205

Micronomicin is a new antibiotic. People are getting interested in it for its low poisonousness. Since its fermented liquid only consists of 69% micronomicin, the cycle of post-preparation is long with high cost, therefore restriction in popularisation is imposed. We have proved the materiality of the emitted qi; we used UV—8MOP laser and the emitted qi to treat the protoplast of micronomicin-producer. The ultraviolent light in the presence of 8-methoxypsoralen (8—MOP) was used to inactivate and mutate the protoplast. Irradiating for 30 sec., 60 sec., 90 sec., and 120 sec., respectively, and the death rate after treatment was 13.7%, 66.7%, 82.4%, and 85.6% respectively; 5 mJ and 8 mJ of laser was used to mutate the protoplast, and the death rate after treatment was 83.7% and 87.6%.

The emitted qi was used to treat the protoplast for 5 min and 8 min, the death rate was 91.67% and 85.5% respectively. The differentiation of the regeneration strain was also different. After treatment by the emitted qi the differentiation was the more obvious than others, and its positive mutation was the highest in the three methods; the GMC2b content of UQ—5—32 mutant strain was 75%.

We can conclude that the emitted qi has these features: ability of killing microorganism, ability of changing strains properties. The emitted qi can be applied to industrial breeding.