Therapeutic effects of acupuncture for neurogenic dysphagia--a randomized controlled trial.

Author: Chan SL, Or KH, Sun WZ, Ng KY, Lo SK, Lee YS.
School of Chinese Medicine, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong 999077, China.
Conference/Journal: J Tradit Chin Med.
Date published: 2012 Mar
Other: Volume ID: 32 , Issue ID: 1 , Pages: 25-30 , Word Count: 198

To evaluate the therapeutic effects and long-term efficacy of acupuncture for neurogenic dysphagia.
Subjects with neurogenic dysphagia undergoing routine swallowing management were randomized to receive either 20 sessions of true acupuncture (experimental group) or sham acupuncture (control group 1) for approximately one and a half months. A third group (control group 2) comprised of non-randomized subjects with neurogenic dysphagia who received routine care were recruited from separate wards. The outcomes were assessed by the Royal Brisbane Hospital Outcome Measure for Swallowing (RBHOMS), as well as by the consistencies of ingested food and fluid.
A total of 87 subjects (experimental group, n = 20; control group 1, n = 19; control group 2, n = 48) were recruited into the trial. The average RBHOMS score showed a greater improvement in the experimental group and in control group 1 than in control group 2. The average levels of food and fluid consistencies displayed greater improvement in the experimental group than in the two control groups.
This study demonstrates that acupuncture may have therapeutic effects and long-term efficacy for neurogenic dysphagia. However, due to an insufficient sample size and the lack of follow-up for control group 2, multi-centre trials employing a larger sample size may be required to draw concrete conclusions.
PMID: 22594098