Photoelectric stimulation of defined ear points (Smokex-Pro method) as an aid for smoking cessation: a prospective observational 2-year study with 156 smokers in a primary care setting.

Author: Breivogel B, Vuthaj B, Krumm B, Hummel J, Cornell D, Diehl A.
Complementary Medicine, University Medicine Mannheim, Germany.
Conference/Journal: Eur Addict Res.
Date published: 2011
Other: Volume ID: 17 , Issue ID: 6 , Pages: 292-301 , Word Count: 194

Smokex-Pro is a smoking cessation method using a protocol of a standardized consultation and computer-assisted photoelectric stimulation of defined regions in the ear and face.
We prospectively enrolled 156 consecutive adult smokers (81 males, 75 females; mean age 43.8 years; body mass index 25.5; daily cigarettes 24.7; Fagerström Test for Nicotine Dependence 5; 30 smoking years). The primary end point was the self-reported continuous abstinence rate.
Participants completed on average only 32% of recommended visits. A total of 76.7% stopped smoking for more than 7 days. Moreover, 53.4% remained free of smoking for more than 90 days. Long-term abstinence rates were 49.3% (1 year) and 47.95% (2 years). Treatment-related side effects were observed in 24.5% of participants. Side effects were mild and resolved within hours.
The Smokex-Pro method appears to be an effective aid for smoking cessation. The treatment was well tolerated and showed only mild and temporary side effects. The average cost of treatment is typically less than EUR 90; the total treatment time is typically 60-90 min. These factors make it an attractive alternative compared to traditional smoking cessation methods. Controlled clinical trials will be needed to confirm the results of this study and refine the treatment for maximum efficacy.
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PMID: 21912133