Study of qigong harmonizing of the human circulating system

Author: Bao Guojing//Wei Shaoxing//Zhang Shenru//Li Shugang
Xingxheng Sanatorium of Air Force, PLA, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1993
Other: Pages: 82 , Word Count: 456

Qigong is effective in stimulation of human body's potential power, which functions well in prevention and cure of diseases. In order to study qigong action on blood circulation and prevention and cure of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, we have observed the value of PWC 170 and measured the change of brain tachogram and limbs' volume pulse chart
30 days pre- and post-qigong exercises through the load test of the heart function. 100 subjects were divided into two groups: the qigong group (80 persons) and the control group (20 persons). The results show as follows.

1. Load test of the heart function: The value of PWC 170 of the qigong group and the control group having mineral spring bath was measured 30 days pre- and post-their practice with a BCM-III type heart function machine. The subjects were given two different loads during the test, each lasting for 3 min with an interval of 3 min. The heart rate was recorded for half min. starting from 2.5 min, and then the value of PWC 170 and V02 max was calculated. The results showed that in the qigong group increased by an average of 48.8% after the exercise and the control group increased by an average of 7. 5%, a significant difference between the two groups (P<O.05). The qigong group' s V02 max increased by 29.9% after the exercise and the control group's increased by 4.4%, a significant difference between the two groups (P<O.05). It indicates that qigong is an effective method to strengthen the heart and lung function.

2. Brain techogram: The left amplitude of wave increased by an average of 80.4% (P<O.01) after the exercise for 30 days, the right increased by 37.8% (P<O.01); the left resistance index decreased by 6.3 times than the period of pre-exercise (P<O.O1), the right decreased by 8.1% (P<O.05); the left ascending time decreased by 21.2% (P<O.O1), but the right increased a bit. It shows that qigong exercise can increase blood volume of the brain and decrease cerebralvascular resistance.

3. Limbs volume pulse chart :Amplitude of wave of both sides increased remarkably after the exercise (P<O.O1);the resistance index of both sides decreased(P<0.05);the left inflow volume speed increased by 16.7% after the exercise(P<O.O1);the right increased by 17.8% (P<O.05). It shows that blood volume of the lower limbs increases and blood resistance decreases after the exercise. To sum up, qigong may harmonize the blood circulation remarkably, playing a very important role in preventing and cure of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and lower limb disease. Qigong is a kind of exercise to harmonize the mind, breathing and bodily posture, a rehabilitative method for many chronic diseases. The result has provided a preliminary experimental basis for preventing and curing the circulatory system diseases.