Effect of exercise with Qigong on lung function of persons entering the highland

Author: Mo FF//Lu YP//Zhao GL
Traditional Chinese Medicine Laboratory, Cheng du, Army General Hospital, 610083
Conference/Journal: 5th Int Sym on Qigong
Date published: 1994
Other: Pages: 186 , Word Count: 153

Tn this study, there were three groups:
1) QiGong group, including 40 young males living on a plain who exercised with QiYuan QiGong for 4 weeks before entering the highland, 2) controI group, including 40 persons who exercised with exercise to radio music, and 3) residence group, consisting of 40 persons living at high altitude and their symptoms due to high altitude and lung function were measured. It was found that the integral value of symptoms of acute mountain sickness of QiGong group was statistically lower than that of control group (p< O.05-0.01), but its Pulmonary Ventilation significantly improved (p<0.05-0.01), compard with control group), nearly being equal to the residence group. It is suggested that exercises with QiGong could prevcnt or remit acute high altitude stress, enhance acclimatization to oxygen deficiency and lung stress to acute oxgen deficiency, regulate lung function and shorten suit time. In-depth studies were needed. Keywords: QiGong high altitude stress lung function.