The Story of the Evolution of a Unique Tai Chi Form: Origins, Philosophy, and Research.

Author: Robins JL, Elswick RK, McCain NL.
Conference/Journal: J Holist Nurs.
Date published: 2012 Jan 6
Other: Word Count: 137

The purpose of this article is to introduce a unique tai chi form that has been successfully implemented in two large randomized clinical trials. The intervention is composed of a series of tai chi movements chosen for their particular meanings, thus adding a cognitive component to the practice of a moving meditation. Over the last decade, the intervention has continued to evolve as it has been used in different populations. Most recently, medical qigong has been integrated to strengthen its potential impact on a variety of biobehavioral measures associated with cardiometabolic risk in women. Following an appraisal of the authors' process as well as the philosophy, practice, and research of tai chi and qigong, the authors share the story of their intervention to contribute to the evolving research of these safe, well-received, low-cost, and beneficial practices.
PMID: 22228833