Speculation on the media of qigong

Author: Manaka Yoshio
Kitasato Institute, Sirogane 5-9-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan [1]
Conference/Journal: 1st World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1988
Other: Pages: 71 , Word Count: 385

Qigong exercise is not mere physical training, and qigong treatment is not a simple physiotherapy. What is essential is that qigong procedure is an art in which qi plays an important role. However, it is not easy to define it with scientific terms. The author has much interest in the biological information system' and the 'media' which are unbelievably minute and accurate in the system, but often too fine to detect them in detail. The author has enough reason to believe that certain part of the concepts of qi indicates such delicate biological information media which have many characteristics in common with qi, untouchable, invisible or inaudible, yet one can recognize their functions one way or another.

The author proposes several topics about some biological information media which might give certain suggestions to explain the modus operandi of the qi activities.
(l) OMURA's TEST applied to the abdominal diagnosis.
(2) MANAKA's COLOUR-TEST of the five element points.
(3) KATSUMATA's molecular wave.
(4) KATSUMATA 's afterimage-agent.
(5) MANAKA's series-effect.

(I) OMURA's O-RING-TEST consists of 'a' input and 'b' output. For example, if one touches a point where pathological occurrence exists, 'a' input causes finger muscle tonus reduction. 'a' is too minute to be called as nervous stimulation to occur nervous reflex. It is just an agent in the information system. The author has verified the fact that if one gives a right signal on a right point on the extremities, it can affect the concerned point on the abdominal area and one can check it with OMURA's test on the point in question.

(2)In 1986 Manaka demonstrated the fact that if one applies the five element points with proper colouring, i.e. red on the the fire point, yellow on the earth point, white on the metal point and so on, these effects can be checked by OMURA's test.

(3) Katsumata demonstrated in 1987 that any molecules of asymmetric structure emerge a wave while spinning, and studied the characteristics of the wave. It could affect the OMURA's test either.

(4)Katsumata also proved if a substance stayed at one position for a certain period, there remained so-called molecular wave alias (afterimage agent).

(5) In 1988 Manaka demonstrated that if one gave signals in certain series, they caused particular (therapeutic) effect. It might give explanation to that particular formula of movement of qigong which has special effect.