To accomplish preliminary Qigong simulation state by acupuncture.

Author: Ho FM, Ding HY, Chyau CC, Kuo HY, Yen MT, Kuo TC.
Department of Internal Medicine, Tao-Yuan General Hospital, Taoyuan, Taiwan, China; E-mail:
Conference/Journal: Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao.
Date published: 2011 Oct
Other: Volume ID: 9 , Issue ID: 10 , Pages: 1094-100 , Word Count: 166

Objective: The purpose of the study was to find out how to enter the preliminary Qigong simulation state in a short period of time. Methods: This is a non-randomized, human experiment with healthy participants. A multi-channel digital physiological data recorder was used to detect whether the participants had entered the Qigong state. Participants were assisted to enter the Qigong state (relaxation, tranquility and naturalness) by being given the sore (sour) feeling produced by acupuncturing Hegu (LI4), and suggestions (repeating words "relax" and "heat" from the hypogastrium). Results: About 72.2% of the participants who had no Qigong experience were found entering the preliminary Qigong simulation state. Most of the physiological parameters measured after the participants entering the Qigong state showed significant changes compared with the baseline data. Conclusion: This study revealed that acupuncture-made sore feeling is able to induce the participants to quickly enter the preliminary Qigong simulation state; hence this can be seen as no longer a limited phenomenon, but can be commonly applied to everybody.

PMID: 22015191