[Effect of low doses of low-intensity ionizing radiation on the DNA structure and functions].

Author: Zhizhina GP.
Conference/Journal: Radiats Biol Radioecol.
Date published: 2011 Mar-Apr
Other: Volume ID: 51 , Issue ID: 2 , Pages: 218-28 , Special Notes: [Article in Russian] , Word Count: 130

Chronic effects of low doses of low intensity ionizing radiation (IR) on biological objects have now become of great social significance. This has given a considerable impetus to research into biological effects and mechanisms of such exposures both in Russia and abroad. This paper provides an overview of physicochemical and molecular bases of the IR influence at small doses and the ways of cell protection from the radiation damage, as well as the analysis of characteristic features and differences in the effects of radiation at small and high doses. We consider the DNA radiation damage both in cell cultures and in vivo, as well as processes and results of their repair. Particular attention is paid to the changes in the basic paradigms of radiation biological effects of small doses.

PMID: 21674948