Experiment of the emitted qi on animals

Author: Liu Tehfu//Wan Minsheng//Lu Oulun
Shanghai Medical University, Shanghai, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 1st World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1988
Other: Pages: 60 , Word Count: 562

To prove if the emitted qi has an effect on destroying sarcoma cells completely, we invited, in June 1986. four qigong masters who all had the experience for treating some chronic diseases with their emitted qi. They emitted their qi for 5 times in the experiment and one of them repeated his test twice.
The animals used as the subjects of experiment were 60 BABL/C thoroughbred.
The experiment began firstly with the sarcoma S180 tissue embedded under the skin of the right axilla of the mice. In 10 days' time, the sarcoma grew into 1 cm[cube] in size. Then it was extirpated and broken into pieces for transplanting under the same region of the mice used in experiment. On the 4th day after the sarcoma were planted, hemoporphyrin 0.4-0.5 ml. (10mg/kgm body weight) was injected into the peritoneum of 30 mice. Another 30 mice (the control group) were injected normal saline of the same dosage (hereafter simply called 'blood' and 'water').
24 hours after the injection, the qigong masters began to emit their qi. The room temperature was 20°C—22°C. Every qigong master emitted his qi to 6 mice, including 3 (blood) and 3 (water). The mice in the control group were also 3 (blood) and 3 (water).
During the experiment the qigong group mice were placed on the operating table with the sarcoma region exposed. They received the emitted qi one by one for 5 minutes, twice a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The control group was treated in the same way except without receiving the emitted qi. The experiment lasted for 3 days, each mouse received the emitted qi for 6 times. Afterwards, the mice were still fed for a day. Then, all the mice were killed and their sarcoma were extirpated for weighing, smears were made for examination. The blood smears of every mouse were also made. At last the sarcomas were fixed up for microscopic and electron microscopic examination.

1. The weight of the sarcomas treated by the emitted qi all were lighter than that of the control group (P<0.001).
2. Observation under a microscope:
(1) The numbers of mitotic phenomenon of the qigong group were 50% less than that of the control group.
(2) Smear observation: The qigong group showed the nuclei condense, nuclei broken and nuclei dissolved. The control group did not show these phenomena.
(3) The blood smears of the mice in the qigong group and the control group all showed sarcoma cells, but the numbers of the sarcoma cells were less in the qigong group.
(4) Observation under an electron microscope:
The control group: A. Sarcoma cells arranged in order; B. Plenty of mitochondria with inside structures perfect; C. Lysosomes seen.
The qigong group: A. Form-changed of many vacuoles in the nucleolus, part of the nuclear membrane ruptured; B. Swollen mitochondria with the crystals broken and vacuoles; C. Markedly bigger lysosomes about 2-3 times than the lysosomes seen in the control group, more materials swallowed seen inside the big lysosomes. Under an electron microscope although there were lots of dead sarcoma cells in the qigong group, few sarcoma cells with mitoses could be seen.
This experiment lasted for 3 days and the qigong masters felt tired. We concluded it was difficult to destroy the malignant tumor completely only by the emitted qi. A combination of the emitted qi with the internal qi formed in trained patients for curing the malignant tumor is an interest subject to be studied.