[Influence of low frequency magnetic field on chosen parameters of oxidative stress in rat's muscles].

Author: Ciejka E, Skibska B, Kleniewska P, Goraca A.
Institute of Cosmetology and Health, Bialystok, Poland. e.ciejka@wompcpl.eu
Conference/Journal: Pol Merkur Lekarski.
Date published: 2010 Dec
Other: Volume ID: 29 , Issue ID: 174 , Pages: 361-4 , Special Notes: [Article in Polish] , Word Count: 266

Free radicals are atoms, molecules or their fragments, which excess leads to the development of the oxidative stress, which is caused of many neoplasmic, neurodegenerative, inflammatory diseases and aging the organism. The main of exogenous sources of free radicals are among others: industrial pollution, tobacco smoke, ionizing radiation, ultrasound and magnetic field. The low magnetic field is applied in the physician therapy. The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of low magnetic field on the parameters of oxidative stress in rat's muscles.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: Thirty male rats, weight of 280-300 g were randomly divided into three experimental groups: control I and treatment II and III (ELFMF-exposed), each containing seven animals. Animals in treat group II were exposed to 40 Hz, 7 mT for 0.5 h/day for 14 days (this kind of the ELFMF is mostly use in magnetotherapy) while, group III was exposed to 40 Hz, 7 mT for 1 h/day for 14 days. Control rats were in separate room without exposing to ELFMF. Immediately after the last exposure, the part of muscles was taken under pentobarbital anaesthesia. The effects of exposure to ELFMF on oxidative states were assessed on the measurements of concentration of -SH group, H2O2, and the concentration of proteins in muscles homogenates.

RESULTS: Exposure to ELFMF: 40 Hz, 7 mT, 30 and 60 min/day used for 2 weeks caused significant increase in -SH group concentration and decrease of the protein concentration in the muscles homogenates.

CONCLUSION: Low magnetic field used in magnetotherapy causes the significant changes of the generating the reactive forms of oxygen in the muscles which depend on the parameters of low magnetic field.

PMID: 21298985