Toward an electromagnetic paradigm for biology and medicine.

Author: Liboff AR.
Department of Physics, Oakland University, Rochester, MI 48309, USA.
Conference/Journal: J Altern Complement Med.
Date published: 2004 Feb
Other: Volume ID: 10 , Issue ID: 1 , Pages: 41-7 , Word Count: 156

Work by Lund, Burr, Becker, and others leads to the inescapable conclusion that organisms tend to express quasisystemic electric changes when perturbed, and, conversely, will tend toward wellness either through endogenous repair currents or the application of equivalent external currents. We show that an all-inclusive electromagnetic field representation for living systems is fully consistent with this extensive body of work. This electrogenomic field may provide the basis for a new paradigm in biology and medicine that is radically different from the present emphasis on molecular biology and biochemistry. An electromagnetic field description also enables a more rational transformation from the genome than the present endpoint, universally stated in terms of the so-called visible characteristics. Furthermore, once the organism is described as an electromagnetic entity, this strongly suggests the reason for the efficacy of the various electromagnetic therapies, namely as the most direct means of restoring the body's impacted electromagnetic field to its normal state.

PMID: 15025877 DOI: 10.1089/107555304322848940