[Effect of acupoint Tuina on lactation amount for parturient].

Author: Lu P, Qiu J, Yao F, Zheng JJ.
Acupuncture and Massage College, Shanghai University of TCM, Shanghai 201203, China.
Conference/Journal: Zhongguo Zhen Jiu.
Date published: 2010 Sep
Other: Volume ID: 30 , Issue ID: 9 , Pages: 731-3 , Special Notes: [Article in Chinese] , Word Count: 197

OBJECTIVE: To observe the effect differences between acupoint Tuina and simple instruction and education to improve the lactation of the parturient after delivery.

METHODS: Fifty-six cases of primipara were divided into an acupoint Tuina group (28 cases) and a control group (28 cases) according to the order of entering group, the acupoint Tuina group was treated with Tuina intervention at local acupoint of the breast and distant acupoint on the basis of the instruction and education of breast feeding; the control group was treated with simple instruction and education of breast feeding. The differences of lactation amount, the level of serum prolactin at 48 h after delivery and the time start to lactate of the parturient in both groups were observed.

RESULTS: The serum prolactin of the parturient at 48 h after delivery of (416.33 +/- 144.29) ng/mL in acupoint Tuina group was obviously higher than that of (320.06 +/- 187.55) ng/mL in control group, there were much more parturient with sufficient milk in acupoint Tuina group after treatment, and the time start to lactate was earlier than that of control group.

CONCLUSION: The acupoint Tuina is good for parturient to lactate early and lactate more, it is necessary to make further research.