Acupuncture for acute postoperative pain relief in a patient with pregnancy-induced thrombocytopenia--anxiety case report

Author: Oomman,S., Liu, D. & Cummings, M.
Conference/Journal: Acupuncture Medicine
Date published: 2005
Other: Volume ID: 23 , Pages: 83-5 , Word Count: 90

A 39 year old woman, scheduled for elective caesarean section in her second pregnancy, developed thrombocytopenia. Therefore, at the time of surgery, spinal anaesthesia and non-steroidal analgesic drugs were avoided and she was given a standard general anaesthetic procedure including fentanyl 100 microg and morphine 10 mg. In the early postoperative period she received tramadol 100 mg and a further 10 mg of morphine. These drugs did not control her pain, but caused side effects--in particular nausea and retching. Acupuncture to LI4 and PC6 pain on the right side produced dramatic pain relief within minutes.