Regular tai chi exercise enhances functional mobility and CD4CD25 regulatory T cells

Author: Yeh, S., Chuang, H., Lin, L., Hsiao, C. & Eng, H.
Conference/Journal: British Journal of Sports Medicine
Date published: 2006
Other: Volume ID: 40 , Pages: 239-243 , Word Count: 96

METHODS: This research investigated the effect of 12 weeks of tai chi on functional mobility, beliefs about benefits of exercise on physical and psychological health, and immune regulation in middle aged volunteers. RESULTS: Tai Chi had a significant effect on functional mobility and beliefs about the health benefits of exercise. Total white blood cell and red blood cell count did not change, but a significant decrease in monocyte count occurred. A significant increase in the ratio of T helper to suppressor cells (CD4:CD8) was found, along with a significant increase in CD4CD25 regulatory T cells.