Influence of qigong state on blood perfusion rate of human microcirculation

Author: Chai Zhaoji//Wang Binai
Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 3rd Nat Acad Conf on Qigong Science
Date published: 1990
Other: Pages: 116 , Word Count: 332

In order to study the mechanism underlying the effects of qigong preventing a disease, building a body, benefitting intelligence and anti-senility, we made a series of experiments to observe the change of blood perfusion rate in qigong state. This experiment is one of them. We suppose that qigong can increase the blood perfusion rate, improve microcirculation function, therefore, the whole internal environment of human body was improved. The results of the experiment have proved that our hypothesis is correct.

Amount the 27 persons selected randomly, 22 were trained with W-E Qigong method, the other 5 persons forming a control group did not practice qigong. They sat quietly when tested, we used LDF-2 laser microcirculation Blood Flow Meter to test each case's blood perfusion rate of finger tip separately in ordinary state and in qigong state. Furthermore, we compared the control group with the training group.

The experiment result and analysis:

1. The 22 cases had an average value of change in blood perfusion rate in qigong state, delta x = 7.27. After statistics analyzed and compared with ordinary state: (P<0.001), the training group has a very significant change. The control group, delta x = 0.2, P>0.1, without significant change. It was shown that the blood perfusion rate would increase remarkably when human body was in a qigong state.

2. The increment of blood perfusion rate relates to the degree of qigong state. The deeper the qigong state is, the bigger the increment will be. 10 cases took part in qigong training 5 times and had an average change value of blood perfusion rate, delta x = 14.8, higher than the whole average change value.

3. Ten persons who were only trained 2 or 3 times had an average change value of blood perfusion rate, delta x = 2.8, (P<0.01). The W-E Qigong training method is very successful. This experiment set a record of making ordinary person into qigong state in only 3 hours and brought about a good physiological effect of increasing blood perfusion rate.

This scientific training method has a positive impact in qigong research and clinical treatment.