Channel phenomenon research on the qigong condition (2) (the local factor and whole condition of PSC)

Author: Zhao Mingyi
Gansu Yongja County Hospital, Gansu, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 3rd Nat Acad Conf on Qigong Science
Date published: 1990
Other: Pages: 110 , Word Count: 288

This essay mainly explores occurrence mechanism of PSC on surface and whole through studying channel phenomenon of qigong process.

1. Peripheral arousing and central integration resulted by acupuncture and qigong are still the physiological and psychological product, or, acupuncture directly arouses point nervous receptor, orderly stimulates receptors along the channel thought two-direction electro-conduct contact manner, while qigong process produces receptor's continuous stimulation via strengthening channel's spontaneous electrics reaching border value, this is peripheral factor of PSC. PSC is a special sense movement phenomenon via brain integration to much nervous afferent information coming from different time-distance.

2. Embryoid factor and whole condition.

Many characteristics of PSC, such as hallucinatic channel sense transmission, whole phenomenon and rhythmic regulation of PSC and etc., cannot be explained simply through nervous mechanism, and must simultaneously be regarded as operation of embryoid factor of channel and whole condition. In other words the embryoid factor results special tissue's structure of channel-point and nervous distribution, as a result, forming LPSC that have lower resistance and special sense basis. PSC is not only local phenomenon but also surface reaction of whole condition of brain-viscera viscera-surface link and internal environment change.

3. PSC and information transmission

With the channel-point remarkable electrical reactive change in qigong PSC, occurrence process manifests the 'transport station function' of point which is not only electrical launching area but also electrical receptive area' and phenomenon as 'channel system is information transmission network.' PSC occurrence reveals that the opening of information transmission surface passage is one of source of qigong and acupuncture clinical effectivity.

The gradual discovering of channel essence is undoubtedly to promote human understanding progress to himself. Channel study is exploiting the vast field to combination of traditional Chinese medicine (including qigong) with modern science.