Theory of mutual permeance between qigong and art

Author: Yin Jie
Art Combines With Science, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 3rd Nat Acad Conf on Qigong Science
Date published: 1990
Other: Pages: 102 , Word Count: 487

All arts combine with science. The functions of two cerebral hemispheres of some scientists, who are also artists, are supplied its deficiency by each other. Since the world is invariably to be divided one into two as well as combined two into one, both art and science possess philosophy and esthetics. It means that art and science unite on the highest point. The principle is that science and art should differ form each other permeate each other and supply deficiency each other. Qigong and art should permeate and enlighten each other too.

Art and Qigong Have the Same Source

One of the sayings is that qigong came from dance. During the period of YinKang, the people cured their sickness by instruction of dance. The other saying is that art arose from imitation, and qigong came from imitating animals. In short, qigong and art have their mutual source. The origin of art can be traced back to its application. In first stage, its aim was keeping health, then sublimated into art.

The theories of Zhou Yi, Zhuang Ai, Lao Zi, Confucius, Meng Zi, Sun Zi and Guan Zi are classics of qigong and essence of art esthetics. Qigong is divided into three schools. Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. Each has its system of esthetics. The theories of Yan Qi, Form and Spirit, Man-heaven, Move-rest and the theory of Comprehensive Nature are the common theory in qigong and art esthetics.

Art Phenomenon in Qigong Practice

As in art, qigong could be observed and thought by imagination. The higher state of mind produces wisdom In qigong practice, the pleasant feeling produced in qigong is similar to the feeling of satisfaction produced by art aesthetics, therefore I temporarily name it 'the feeling of satisfaction by qigong.' Both the feeling of satisfaction by qigong and by art aesthetic are the accumulation of discovery. According to art, qigong also has connected feeling, sensibility and potential consciousness etc.

Qigong Phenomenon in Art

As in qigong, art may refresh man's spirit and raises qi by keeping quiet. The vidness stage of both man's spirit and qi is to be regarded as the high level. The consciousness, qi and imagination are simultaneously used in art. As in qigong there are many phenomena in art, such as fully concentrating view and consideration, forgetting oneself and all other, moving in rest and rest in moving, etc. Many artists are also masters in qigong. Conclusion qigong and art both can be used to cultivate temperament, prolong life and open up wisdom, and are belonging to the high-level culture with spirituality and universality. All of them permeate one another in the world outlook, as in the theories of knowledge and methodology. Qigong and art are two component parts of the system of qi-culture. The Shenyou Qigong is a kind of qigong in art type, it is the result and deepening development of the theory of qigong-art permeation and art hygienics.