Molecular biological effects of emitted qi on man

Author: Luo Sen//Chai Shaoai//Yi Weiyuan//Ren Hetian//Cao Baozheng
Zhejiang Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zhejiang Province, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 1st World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1988
Other: Pages: 42 , Word Count: 423


l. Blood samples were acted upon by the emitted qi from point Laogong (P 8). cAMP group received 5 minutes of the emitted qi; T-lymphocyte group 2 minutes. The control group did not receive the emitted qi.

2.10 cases with various chronic diseases and low blood hemoglobin. WBC, platelet count were treated by the emitted qi. The right index finger, middle finger and ring finger of the qigong performer touched lightly the Cunkou of the receivers (the middle finger was directed to the posterior artery of the wrist).


1. After acted upon by the emitted qi, serum (cAMP) of the blood samples increased. Performer A raised this value by 6.0 pmol/ml than that of the control group. Performer B raised the value by 2.0 pmol/ml. No effect was seen by the action of hard qigong. The emitted qi can elevate T-lymphocyte count in peripheral blood and its replication rate by 6.9-49.8% (P<0.05). It proves the obvious biological effects of the emitted qi on macromolecules.

2. In the 10 cases receiving 16 times of continuous emitted qi, hemoglobin, WBC and platelet were obviously changed. The average platelet count rose from 67000/mm3 to 82000 mm3 (P<O.01) . Average WBC count, from 4493.8/mm3 to 5187. 5/mm3 (P<O.05), while blood hemoglobin content tended to be modulated in opposite directions. 10 cases with low hemoglobin before the therapy had an elevation from 9.98% (average value) to 10.44% (P<O.01). Another 7 cases receiving simultaneous evaluation proved to have an instant rise in 7 parameters out of 8 (RBC, WBC, HCH, HGB, MCV, MCHC, PLT, MCH) with the exception of MCHC. One hour after receiving the emitted qi, they experienced a continuous increase. After the qi released, however, there appeared an obvious decrease of these parameters in the qigong performers. These proved qigong has both instant effect and an after effect.


1. By observation on the effects of the emitted qi on blood samples and the human body, the emitted qi proves to have an effect not only on biological macromolecules (cAMP, DNA replication in Iymphocyte), but also on human hemopoietic system in a short time (instant and after effect). The emitted qi is transmitted in the form of energy or information.

2. The experiment exemplified the relationship between qi and blood in traditional Chinese medical theories, from both molecular and systematic point of view. Not only this provides a modern argument for the theory 'blood circulation activated by qi flow', 'qi commanding blood circulation,' but also it confirms the medical value of the emitted qi when it is applied to human blood samples or the human body.