Effect of Zhen Yuan Qigong on microcirculation of deaf-mutes

Author: Liu Sixuan 1//Deng Huizhen 2
First Staff Hospital, General Logistics Dept, Wuhan, China [1] //Institute of Zhen Yuan Qigong of Deafmutism Children Association, Guangzhou, China [2]
Conference/Journal: 3rd Nat Acad Conf on Qigong Science
Date published: 1990
Other: Pages: 92 , Word Count: 269

In this paper we present the changes of the microcirculation indexes in 26 cases of deaf-mute patients after accepting the therapy of Zhen Yuan Qigong.

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese qigong may modulate qi and blood, and blood moves as qi moves. It has been suggested that the functions of qi could be determined by the changes in microcirculatory index, such as microcirculation of nailfold, bulbar conjunctiva, auricle, and plethysmogram of acupuncture point.

26 patients (among them 14 males, 12 females aged from 2 to 50) were diagnosed by the otologist and were identified by the electric response measurement. All of these cases had history of using ototoxic medicine. The ABR test showed severe-middle degree deafness. They were treated with Zhen Yuan Qigong once a day, and a course of the treatment is 15 days.

It was shown that increased microcirculation was seen in the capillary loops in triagle and lobulus auriculae in 98% patients and that the capillary loops in nailfold microcirculation in 58% patients was increased. The increased velocity of blood flow in microcirculation of bulbar conjunctiva was seen in 87.5% of the patients, and 76% of the patients showed increased microcirculation in nailfold.

The amplitudes of plethysmogram recorded on the 10 acupuncture points were increased markedly (P<0.05).

When qigong master Deng Hui Zhen was emitting waiqi to treat the patients the amplitudes of plethysmogram recorded on Tian Mu point and Kwang Shang point were depressed significantly, but no change was found in the control group.

It was shown that Zhen Yuan Qigong could change the microcirculation in both performer and recipient and that Zhen Yuan Qigong therapy for deaf-mute could improve brain microcirculation.