Experimental study of fasting with qigong exercises

Author: Huang Guanghua//Shen Xiaojun//Zhou Zhenhe
Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Province, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 1st World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1988
Other: Pages: 41 , Word Count: 431

Fasting with qigong exercises is a historical health-preserving approach. It means that the performer does not eat any food in a period of time. In March, 1988, under the strict design we made a scientific experiment on it for 21 days.

The subject of the experiment was Zhang Yongtang, a qigong master working, at the Hangzhou Railway Inspection Office. He has practiced qigong for over 20 years. During the period of experiment, he stayed in a hospital and was observed 24 hours a day by the researchers. Every day, he was given nothing except the following liquid: boiled water 700 ml, 0.9% NaCl 150 ml, 40% honey 100 ml.

Physiological data: Physical exam, ECG, EEG, T, R, Hr, Bp, weight, count of consumption and grip strength.

Biochemical data: Blood-cell analysis, immune serum globulin, Iymphocyte blastogenesis, serum protein, CHOL, TRIG, CRE. BUN, SGPT. SGOT, AMY, GLU, HBDH, K+ ,Na+, SlgA, ptyalin, urinalysis, stool analysis. xylose absorption, etc.

Results of experiment: (]) During the period of fasting, his daily life, e.g. teaching, studying, walking, were under observation. On an average, amount of activity is 2917 Kg-cals every day, and the intake provides only 196. 8 Kg-cals a day. AMY and ptyalin were in lower levels. However, the biochemical was stable. (2) During the period of fasting his body weight was reduced by 9 Kg. According to the change of HBDH in blood and KET in urine, it is considered that the energy of the body came from the stored fat, and in the process of accelerating metabolism of fat, acidosis was not seen. In the later days his CHOL and TRIG became lower gradually. Immediately after fasting, they did not come up to the original level. (3) During the period of fasting, the level of immune serum globulin was raised markedly, continuing to be on a higher level after the fast. It is considered that fasting with qigong exercises can improve the immune function, and it has an action of two-way adjustment. (4) The result of test of xylose absorption showed the function of absorption of the small intestine was good. ( 5 ) According to the theory of modern medicine the condition of starvation can decrease synthesis of various kinds of protein, especially albumin. Our experiment indicated that serum protein was at higher level.

Conclusion: (1) Fasting with qigong exercises does no harm to the body. During the period of fasting one can have normal activities without feeling hungry. (2) It is certain that fasting may make metabolism accelerate without presence of acidosis. So this practice is valuable to decrease corpulence and blood-fat. (3) Whether there is another way to intake protein it should be studied because the quantity of serum protein was stable.