[Effects of laser reflex therapy on a motor function of the gall bladder and physical properties of bile in patients with chronic acalculous cholecystitis]

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Conference/Journal: Ter Arkh.
Date published: 2009
Other: Volume ID: 81 , Issue ID: 2 , Pages: 57-61 , Special Notes: [Article in Russian] , Word Count: 105

AIM: To study effects of laser puncture in combined treatment of chronic non-calculous cholecystitis on motor function of the gallbladder, bile physical characteristics and clinical symptoms. MATERIAL AND METHODS: 73 patients with chronic non-calculous cholecystitis were divided into two groups: 35 patients received standard therapy alone (control group) and 38 patients were exposed to laser puncture as a component of combined treatment. RESULTS: Laser radiation on acupuncture points has a positive therapeutic result, i.e. shorter clinical symptoms, correction of motor function of the gallbladder and bile physical characteristics. CONCLUSION: Laser puncture is an effective method of acalculous cholecystitis treatment and can be included in relevant combined schemes.